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lovely messy life

This photo is a stock image. Aren't they all? Or if not, haven't they been highly edited? Makeup crew? Lighting? The truth we all know is - life is messy. And that is one of the reasons we love life; our lovely, messy, lives.

I caught on to this phrase, "lovely, messy, life," when a friend of mine was sharing some photos of her days with her darling, brilliant children. I latched on to that perspective. It's incredibly freeing to me. I can't tell you how many time I get focused on the mess - worried that the brand-new shirt will get a stain, or someone's coming over and might see us for real, or please don't track in so much mud on the freshly cleaned floor!

But those photos? The ones that show the real, good, messy truth? The happy children is what I see. The beautiful, creative, potential energy is what radiates. To me this phrase is life-affirming because it helps me stop apologizing for being a mess. It helps me focus on the positive. I know I'm not perfect, we are all perfectly imperfect, even if we have some stuff put-together-looking and in perfect-seeming order.

To spread the lovely messiness, if you would appreciate a copy of this sentiment, I'd love to share the love and you can print a copy here.

It's available through my shop if you'd like it on a tote or on a cup. I'd also love to letter more uplifting words, so send me your suggestions!

Thanks for spending some of your lovely messy life with my lovely messy life.

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