photo by kimberly kay, sun river, july 2009

this is our family. marc, kendra, and colden. i'm kendra.

our girls, sammy and lola.

marc and i both studied theatre at macalester college. we became housemates. we became best friends. we fell in love. we married in the woods, and moved to portland.

colden met us there. 

along the way i knitted, learned a bit of massage, herbalism, and other mysteries, went to waldorf teacher training, and worked in waldorf schools. fell in love with handwork.

i began dreaming of by hand at home before colden was born, and i'm excited to share my heartfelt works with my friends, family, and other creative souls. 

i love to make practical beautiful things that can be used and loved, especially with recycled and natural materials. 

thank you for visiting, and please feel free to be in touch at byhandathome{at}gmail{dot}com.