Wednesday, October 17, 2018

felted mistletoe and why I make

I am still making, always making, although I am often questioning WHY? It has been a real gift to hear Brené Brown give credence to one's creative needs. In fact, her research showed that we must create in order for us to live wholehearted lives.



I first made this woolly mistletoe out of a desire to relive the traditions of my childhood. Every year as we unpacked our Christmas things, I delighted in the possibility of mistletoe-kissing. I loved catching my parents under the mistletoe, and would often plant myself in that prime location in hopes of getting some extra smooches.

As our vintage plastic ball of mistletoe aged, the berries popped off, and when I became a parent, I wanted a more natural version. But not too natural (read: poisonous). So, I set out to make my own. Since that time, the marketplace has become flooded with different felted mistletoes, and holly, and wreaths, and garlands, and and and...

I haven't felt (get it? felt?) like making them so much with so many other choices out there. But I do have some, and they are available if you are so inclined, at my Etsy shop here.

Or, you may get a hand-crafted, fair trade version from Nepal here. I really don't mind what you choose - I didn't invent mistletoe or wool. I actually source the wool berries on my version from Nepal as well, but I construct the rest from yarn and upcycled wool.

I do feel good about working with wool and utilizing upcycled sources for fabric. I appreciate that I am using something biodegradable and natural that can still be enjoyed for many years. 

I will be sharing more handmade goodness here and there. Thank you for taking the time to read and visit. 

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