Monday, April 29, 2013


we were really inspired by this ted talk, and decided to follow up on the opportunity to grow our own mushrooms. i ordered the pearl oyster variety from fungi perfecti. they noted that these (among many) are easy enough for kids to grow. sure enough, they have already yielded 5 or 6 big mushrooms, and there are probably already more ready and waiting in our garage.
they grow right out of the plastic bag they come in - under another plastic bag 'humidity tent'. all you need to do is spray them with water. you may also hang them above your sink since that is an ideal moist environment. since the instructions indicated that they need to be cooked before eating, we sauteed our first mushrooms in butter and had them on pizza. so delicious!
oyster mushroom
after the bag has produced two flushes of mushrooms, we can mix its contents with wheat straw or newspaper, spread it outside under our trees, and see if they decide to make some more! they say it can take awhile, but the prospect is very exciting! i may try some pink oysters next! (my apologies to the mushroom-averse. they are so good though. really!)

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