Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ice pops

orange pop
in anticipation of the gorgeous weather, i bought a new ice pop maker. i love it. i have been freezing pops in our big ice chest, setting in a casserole dish. first, i made a batch of pineapple-banana pops (loosely following this recipe). then i made just plain frozen orange juice and yogurt pops. soooo good - like a creamsicle, you know?
strawberry banana
there is a local pop maker (sol pops) that offers a delicious sugar-free banana-strawberry pop that i was inspired to try to replicate. i added yogurt to mine again (mostly to get my blender to mix the frozen berries and bananas). yuuuuummmm!
then i had to go for the fudgesicle. i am proud that they are actually kind of healthy too - all organic, containing; coconut milk, cacao, peanut butter, honey, and some vitamin c powder for good measure. i foresee a lot of icy delights around these parts!

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