Tuesday, April 2, 2013


not silk
i wanted to share the many, many, many (many) egg-dying *attempts* made over here, and, well, what we have learned. the 'silk-dying' (above)...... so, turns out, it wasn't silk (and didn't work), but at least i have a pretty picture.
leaf imprint
i also attempted the 'leaf imprint' technique, using chlorphyll as a natural dye....now it seems that the actual chlorophyll from the leaf did transfer a bit, but the dye, not so much. (and yes, i broke the egg.)
one of the trickier things going on with the whole egg-dying scene this year was the fact that we used blown-out eggs. (it was my first time doing this, so, woo hoo, success!) but also, required a lot of finagling to get the buoyant things to stay under their dyebath. the above egg was stamped, then soaked in tumeric.
i remembered onion skins turning out pretty well, so i did that too. (it wasn't quite as spectacular as i remembered. but still lovely!) i even used both yellow and red onion skins to see if there was a difference...can you tell? (the bottom one is red.) i also had some luck with blueberries as a dye, plus we used watercolors and colored pencils too. though the colored pencils were more fun for the adults, and kind of hard for the kids to really manage.
040 and when the eggs inevitably broke, we just did what any crazy person who blows out and colors eggs would do - we planted seeds in them!

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