Saturday, February 23, 2013

buffs and barns

buffs and barnevelders
we couldn't resist adding to our flock recently, with two little buff orpingtons and two even smaller barnevelders. we have never had buffs, but i've heard they are great. and we lost our last barnevelder to a wild beast of some sort before she started laying. she was a beauty, with pretty greenish black feathers. we do have two hens that are laying, but i can't for the life of me remember what kind. maybe one ameraucana? anyhow, one is white and grey and lays brown eggs (we think), while the other is tawny-colored and lays greenish-grey eggs (though it might be the other way round actually). avert your eyes, o ye squeamish, for today i saw said brown chicken spontaneously lay an egg with no shell and then proceed to eat it. i let the dogs chase her away from her egg-eating temptation (the dogs are pretty good chicken herders if you are watching them), but i guess it is not so uncommon for a chicken to eat its own egg. i have never heard of one coming without the shell though! the little chicks are in the coop in a separate enclosure. we were hoping to sneak them under some broody hens, but the urban farm store warned us the hens might not adopt them so readily (indeed, that caramel-colored hen has been pecking at them). hopefully, they will warm up to one another!

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