Wednesday, January 23, 2013

heart garland

cutting hearts i splurged on a new toy. there is a sweet scrapbooking store nearby, where i got this fiskars heart cutter (er, squeeze punch). colden can even use it by himself. yet again inspired by pinterest, i set out to make this paint chip heart garland (here is the punch they used.)heart garland i love how it turned out. this one i made with sewing thread, but then i made another with twine (was a bit too thick). i think a string that is sturdier than thread, but not so hefty as twine would be nice. i also made a little one with construction paper hearts, again with thread, and they suited each other well. i was thinking i ought to pass this tool around a bit since it was kind of an investment, however, we are still thoroughly enjoying it! (plus - another fun heart garland to make...)

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