Wednesday, May 11, 2011

yarn along - still snug

snugging along
still not quite done, but i think it will still fit! - there's always the cool summer nights, right? oh, and the oregon beach! i just had to try it on azie (rhymes with daisy) to give me that extra adorable encouragement.
fox diaries
we are so enjoying 'the fox diaries' by valarie budayr. i've noticed fox names popping up in colden's stories, and he wants to know how we can 'get foxes'. please come by next wednesday, may 18th, when i will be hosting a giveaway for a copy! thanks, ginny, for the yarn along inspiration! now i am wanting to pick up that baby surprise jacket too!

p.s. thanks for the thoughtful comments on my last post - more thoughts on this to come...

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