Friday, May 13, 2011

mind games: loving life

more thinking on messiness...

i am enjoying erin's 'a year of choice.' (let's make it a lifetime, shall we?) and yes, i choose to see the beauty of the messes - life, fully lived and loved.

ever since reading meg's post here about setting up a water station and striving for neutral reactions to our children's “mistakes”, i have had a heightened awareness of my own reactions. but i have not been able to change my own responses as well as i would like.

do you know louise hay? i knew i could turn to her for an endless supply of positive affirmations, and sure enough, she provides them here daily.

and you know what i found? what it all comes down to? me. so. i make mistakes. i make messes. i am not perfect. how human of me. despite that, here is my new mantra:

“i love and accept myself.” (thank you, louise.)

yes, mothering messes and all.

p.s. other strategies (besides radical, adamant self-acceptance) to include these mind tricks: seeing messes as a political act (reducing unrealistic expectations of homemakers - example: from 'spiritual tasks of the homemaker': "...her bad conscience plagues her, for her ideal is unachievable."), and also, asking the magical people (house-elves and whatnot) for assistance. love to you, mamas.

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