Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the fox diaries

i am very excited to share 'The Fox Diaries' here with you today. yes, it merits capitalization. so does Valarie Budayr. perhaps you already know that she is a magical story weaver? her piece in the rhythm of the home, 'the fairy loom', truly captivated me. it also had me asking her when she would be publishing her own books. (i would be remiss to omit her other contributions, but there are so many!)
thanks to the little fox family that took up residence in her garden last year, that day has come to pass. i love how Valarie has created both a playful and factual account of the foxes. she both captures their spirit, and gives insight into their world. thanks to her generosity, i am pleased to offer a giveaway copy here. (you may also purchase a copy here with 15% off, by entering the coupon code: foxes.) please leave a comment for a chance to win! (comments accepted through 5/22).
fox diaries
"Throughout the year The Fox Diaries will be making it's way across the country and around the world. The whole idea is for people to feel connected not only to each other but to our magnificent planet as well. These little foxes did that for me. Gone were the barriers between myself and the natural world. It was through them that I realized that we all share this planet and no separation exists except for the division and thoughts in my mind. During this very magical and enchanted time, our worlds melded together. It is a sincere wish that the foxes continue their daily life lessons by connecting all of us." - Valarie Budayr

edited to add: the random number generator selected #11. congratulations to mary! i will send your e-mail address along to valarie right away! thanks to everyone who commented!

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