Sunday, April 17, 2011

simplicity: reduce v. recycle

at present, as the title implies, reduce and recycle seem to be at odds for me. it doesn't have to be this way, i know. but since i began using recycled materials for crafting, i have acquired a significant "stash" of materials - wool sweaters and scrap both. not only this, in my effort to do good by the planet, i have saved every last little yarn clipping - for stuffing and whatnot.

then there's the old sock pile. i can make recycled sock dolls, but i have more holey socks than i can make dolls of in a lifetime. i just can't bear to throw them away. they do have potential. they could be recycled... (i am reminded of this article on japan from 2005. i wish we had 44 categories of recycling.)
but most of it? well, i am just plain not using it. (and it might not even be of a nice enough quality to use.) after reading simplicity parenting, andrea really hit the nail on the head here: i have to declutter my clutter for the rest of the house to follow. i made the decision recently to let a lot of it go. back to goodwill, and even *gulp* to the garbage. i found organized simplicity helpful for this as well: "is it beautiful? useful?" and "can i easily acquire it again if i need it?" moreover, if i don't love it... do i want it in my life?

p.s. those of you with a waldorf leaning might also find this article of interest:
p.p.s. this post has been inspired by the simplicity parenting book club over at clean.

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