Wednesday, April 20, 2011

simple, natural egg dying

i have been seeing naturally dyed eggs of different varieties all over. i wanted to do some, but i needed it to be super easy! these onion-skin-wrapped eggs were incredibly simple, and a great morning snack!
wrapping the eggs
wrap eggs in onion skin with rubber bands.
onion skin wrapped eggs ready to go
place in pot and boil. (i know everyone's got their own method for boiling eggs! i wait til the water boils, then turn it off and let them sit 10 minutes before running them under cold water to cool.)
unwrapping the eggs
unwrap to reveal your treasures!
onion skin wrapped eggs
aren't they lovely? i am amazed at how wonderfully quick and easy and gorgeous these came out! the one that is more yellow was less well-wrapped i think. we might try it again, if our white-egg-laying chicken cooperates.

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