Friday, April 8, 2011

natural teething remedies

i often see mamas asking around for natural teething remedies, and frankly, nothing is a complete solution. however, i have gathered some useful pieces of advice from the mothering communities and my herbalist. here they are:

  • teething tea : i use equal parts lemon balm, chamomile and catnip. these herbs help soothe the nerves and the tummy discomfort that can occur from additional acidic saliva. 1 tbsp of this blend per 8 oz. water, steeped 5-10 min. (be sure to take the herbs out after steeping because chamomile tastes icky after sitting in water for a while.) my first born preferred this tea warm on a washcloth, but you can also cool it or make it into ice cubes. see what your baby likes best. breastfeeding mamas: all the herbal constituents will pass through your breastmilk, so drink copious amounts!
  • teething oil : castor oil blended with essential oils of roman chamomile, myrrh, and clove. to be used externally only, rubbed along the jawline and neck. these are all very potent oils, so use only a drop of each in a large amount of oil. test on yourself before using on baby, and try a small patch test the first time.
  • other things to try include: baltic amber teething necklaces (avaliable on etsy and other natural parenting sites), homeopathic chamomilia (these come in liquid form or tablets, but note that they usually do contain dairy), and time. this too shall pass!
any other natural teething remedies you would recommend? i forgot to mention, our friend and natural rubber toy/chewing aid sophie la girafe! (our poor dogs still love her squeak!)

eta (edited to add): i wrote this post quickly after signing up for bamboo magazine and seeing the question posed in the community there. looks like an exciting new resource!

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