Friday, April 29, 2011

this moment

baby on my back
inspired by soulemama's this moment

Monday, April 25, 2011

egg hunt

secret nest
our birds have been keeping a secret nest.
yucca eggs
we finally found it in the yucca plant.
finding eggs
since there were 25 eggs in there, all of unknown age;
marc and colden did some experimental natural dying.
and then i hid them. twice.
colden hid them
and then colden hid them. twice.

Friday, April 22, 2011

this moment

inspired by soulemama's this moment

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

simple, natural egg dying

i have been seeing naturally dyed eggs of different varieties all over. i wanted to do some, but i needed it to be super easy! these onion-skin-wrapped eggs were incredibly simple, and a great morning snack!
wrapping the eggs
wrap eggs in onion skin with rubber bands.
onion skin wrapped eggs ready to go
place in pot and boil. (i know everyone's got their own method for boiling eggs! i wait til the water boils, then turn it off and let them sit 10 minutes before running them under cold water to cool.)
unwrapping the eggs
unwrap to reveal your treasures!
onion skin wrapped eggs
aren't they lovely? i am amazed at how wonderfully quick and easy and gorgeous these came out! the one that is more yellow was less well-wrapped i think. we might try it again, if our white-egg-laying chicken cooperates.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

simplicity: reduce v. recycle

at present, as the title implies, reduce and recycle seem to be at odds for me. it doesn't have to be this way, i know. but since i began using recycled materials for crafting, i have acquired a significant "stash" of materials - wool sweaters and scrap both. not only this, in my effort to do good by the planet, i have saved every last little yarn clipping - for stuffing and whatnot.

then there's the old sock pile. i can make recycled sock dolls, but i have more holey socks than i can make dolls of in a lifetime. i just can't bear to throw them away. they do have potential. they could be recycled... (i am reminded of this article on japan from 2005. i wish we had 44 categories of recycling.)
but most of it? well, i am just plain not using it. (and it might not even be of a nice enough quality to use.) after reading simplicity parenting, andrea really hit the nail on the head here: i have to declutter my clutter for the rest of the house to follow. i made the decision recently to let a lot of it go. back to goodwill, and even *gulp* to the garbage. i found organized simplicity helpful for this as well: "is it beautiful? useful?" and "can i easily acquire it again if i need it?" moreover, if i don't love it... do i want it in my life?

p.s. those of you with a waldorf leaning might also find this article of interest:
p.p.s. this post has been inspired by the simplicity parenting book club over at clean.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

open shop

rainbow ball 1
sooo, in order to remain a member of pdx etsy, i need to have at least eight items listed in my shop by april 30th. i can do that.
pumpkin hat 3
but they may be a little out of season. (don't worry, i've got a few other ideas in the works too!)

Friday, April 8, 2011

natural teething remedies

i often see mamas asking around for natural teething remedies, and frankly, nothing is a complete solution. however, i have gathered some useful pieces of advice from the mothering communities and my herbalist. here they are:

  • teething tea : i use equal parts lemon balm, chamomile and catnip. these herbs help soothe the nerves and the tummy discomfort that can occur from additional acidic saliva. 1 tbsp of this blend per 8 oz. water, steeped 5-10 min. (be sure to take the herbs out after steeping because chamomile tastes icky after sitting in water for a while.) my first born preferred this tea warm on a washcloth, but you can also cool it or make it into ice cubes. see what your baby likes best. breastfeeding mamas: all the herbal constituents will pass through your breastmilk, so drink copious amounts!
  • teething oil : castor oil blended with essential oils of roman chamomile, myrrh, and clove. to be used externally only, rubbed along the jawline and neck. these are all very potent oils, so use only a drop of each in a large amount of oil. test on yourself before using on baby, and try a small patch test the first time.
  • other things to try include: baltic amber teething necklaces (avaliable on etsy and other natural parenting sites), homeopathic chamomilia (these come in liquid form or tablets, but note that they usually do contain dairy), and time. this too shall pass!
any other natural teething remedies you would recommend? i forgot to mention, our friend and natural rubber toy/chewing aid sophie la girafe! (our poor dogs still love her squeak!)

eta (edited to add): i wrote this post quickly after signing up for bamboo magazine and seeing the question posed in the community there. looks like an exciting new resource!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

hand to heart

a little handwork by colden here. he called it 'fishes'. when he showed it to papa he said, "it's a heARTwork." papa and i were both so filled with love. and then, remembering, he said "by hand to heart." i taught him earlier to measure his thread. like this:
hand to heart
see? this is how we showed the children to measure their yarn and thread in handwork. one hand on your heart, the other extended out. "hand to heart." i had never learned it myself until waldorf school introduced me. inevitably, i would use too much or too little, but hand to heart is usually the perfect length. plus by using your own body, you get a sense of when deviation might be necessary, i think. nice, huh?

Friday, April 1, 2011

this moment

daffodils kissing
inspired by soulemama's this moment