Tuesday, March 8, 2011

yarn along - this and last

yarn along recommendations
this is last week's yarn along photo technically. and i wrote this yesterday, but it's almost tomorrow now that i'm posting. regardless - i am still working on the same thing.

as far as books: i have really appreciated book recommendations around the internets. i love looking at those sidebars of books and i've been thinking about putting one up here too. do you like them?

as far as this particular stack: i was waiting for, and looking forward to - 'the help' for a long time after andrea recommended it. i think i was hold 157 of 400 copies initially? it was fantastic. i picked up 'carrots love tomatoes' from ginny's post. and now on my stack is 'the sweetness at the bottom of the pie' thanks to stephanie. oh, and 'trucks go' may be colden's favorite book thus far (i like it too - that helps!).

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