Tuesday, March 29, 2011

yarn along - horse

yarn along horse
i finished twelve by twelve (loved it!) and passed it on to marc. i've barely cracked tolle, and moved into the continuum concept. this morning we began knitting a horse together from scraps. i intended to use a hodge podge of colors and make a rainbow horse (as teaching handwork suggested). i was also inspired by elizabeth zimmermann - who would pull a yarn color at random when making baby surprise jackets and go with the flow. but apparently, i am not quite there yet. this one will be variations on blue. i have checked knitted animals out from the library many, many times, and i requested better late than early after rachel's recommendation.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

on blogging

sometimes this seems like tricky business. how much to share here in the big world wide web? in truth, the connections i've made have been incredibly powerful. i really appreciate how much others have shared, and reading other mamas' experiences has enriched me so. finding my way (as a parent especially) continues to be an amazing journey, and i am grateful to have so many positive places to turn for inspiration.
double rainbow over portland
double rainbow over portland this weekend, photo by marc
when i connected with kimberly online, i was drawn to her blog's simple style. as i read more, i found we had much in common. not least of which: we both live in portland. i kept thinking, shouldn't we meet? and then i read this. and i read molly's posts about her friendship sparked online. and after i saw among comments that kimberly was looking to check out a book i have on my shelves, and then she mentioned wanting to try our pear cake... it only made sense. come on over!
pirate bib from kimberly
bib from kimberly, colden has worn for every meal since gifted
i sent kimberly an e-mail, would she and her boy be up for a play date? yes! we didn't have the ingredients to bake another cake afterall, but we did pop some popcorn and make some herbal tea. we revealed a bit of the messiness i generally edit out of most posts, and kimberly graciously complimented our home. it was so very lovely to meet in person. to find even more connection. to shake some of the invisible world wide web walls up a bit.to be vulnerable.

Friday, March 25, 2011

this moment

three months
inspired by soulemama's this moment

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

yarn along - springiness

spring yarns
it seems i do best on assignment - yarn along being a good bet. there's always yarn and books around. even when not much progress is being made in either. i just started twelve by twelve last night and love it already. the homemaking books i also wish to pull some quotes from, but time being of the essence... colden is napping some days, some days not. on days he does not, he has a bath instead. miraculously, this is one of those times and azalia is also sleeping. i am still knitting away at that sweater. pictured here are some promised (and overdue) woolly eggs.

Friday, March 18, 2011

this moment

stroking sister's hairinspired by soulemama's this moment

Monday, March 14, 2011

baking day

we've made julia's pear cake twice now, with heavy modifications. both times it has been extremely forgiving and extremely delicious. thanks, julia! i used a full can of coconut milk for both the milk and yogurt, melted coconut oil for the butter, and 1/2 c. honey instead of sugar.
i ran off to nurse azalia mid-baking, and a flour-y little boy found me. this is what i found in the kitchen. behold, the wonder of youth.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

yarn along - this and last

yarn along recommendations
this is last week's yarn along photo technically. and i wrote this yesterday, but it's almost tomorrow now that i'm posting. regardless - i am still working on the same thing.

as far as books: i have really appreciated book recommendations around the internets. i love looking at those sidebars of books and i've been thinking about putting one up here too. do you like them?

as far as this particular stack: i was waiting for, and looking forward to - 'the help' for a long time after andrea recommended it. i think i was hold 157 of 400 copies initially? it was fantastic. i picked up 'carrots love tomatoes' from ginny's post. and now on my stack is 'the sweetness at the bottom of the pie' thanks to stephanie. oh, and 'trucks go' may be colden's favorite book thus far (i like it too - that helps!).

rhythm of the home - spring!

by colden
i love this photo. taken by colden (age 3!). (isn't that a nice sweater?) and there are a few more lovely photos i've been wanting to share over on flickr, including this one:
two months
two months old! can you believe it? if you have more time for lovely-looking, please visit the newest edition of rhythm of the home. i'm so pleased to be included. and i would so love to see any woolly nests or woolly eggs you make!