Thursday, February 24, 2011

the promised fox

the promised fox
i mentioned a while back that colden had requested a fox friend. well, i finally made good. he was finished the day after colden's birthday (which i think counts since we were still doing the happy-birthday-singing, candle-lighting, cake-eating thing).
the promised fox - tail
he was a little trickier to sew than the otter, since he has more parts. like a head. i hand sewed his head on from the inside of his body before it was sewn up, and that took the most engineering. the tail is so fun, and makes it so he can actually sit up!
loving that fox
he was made from a recycled pendleton wool jacket, and in a stroke of last-minute quick thinking i used the corners of the collar for the ears. i really love how he turned out, and i think he got colden's otter of approval. i'm linking up with julia's sewing bee today! go see what others are up too!

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