Thursday, February 17, 2011

how to sew a magnetic fishing set

putting magnet into little pocket
or at least how i did it... you can also buy washer shaped magnets (with a hole in the center). those could be sewn onto the inside body of the fish with a few stitches. or you could even use a large washer in the fish's nose (and just have a magnet in the worm). i put round magnets in both the fish and the worm. and i wanted them to stay in the fish's nose so i sewed them into little pockets.
sewed up magnet pocket
magnet completely stitched into two layers of thin recycled wool.
sandwiched magnet pocket
i put the encased magnet in between the nose of my blanket-stitched fish.
stitching in the magnet pocket
...and continued stitching around nose through all four layers of wool
(inner covered magnet and outer pieces of wool).
stuffing fish with wool
then, finish stitching all the way around leaving a small opening to stuff with wool. use a small dowel to move wool into ends. and stitch closed!
fish and worm
same thing for the worm. all important: finding the perfect fishing pole (i.e. stick). fishing
more to share too! it's just taken me over two weeks to write this post! i'm belated-ly linking up with julia's sewing bee thursdays.

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