Thursday, January 27, 2011

stay-on baby booties and bonnets

quickly knit booties
i hope you will indulge a bit of a story with these booties. i'd finished just about every little thing in preparation for our new arrival, but she hadn't come yet... so, i knitted *just one more* pair of booties. my mother posited that i could bring labor on by making plans i was really excited about (and would have to cancel). so, i told marc i was going to go get more of this yarn for a hat at the yarn shop the next day. luckily, they were open on christmas eve...but azalia actually arrived before the store even opened!
red bonnet
the idea of the bonnet grew on me. i had knitted the same one for my friend's little girl (whose birth i attended) before marc and i had children. it turned out that i had just enough yarn left over to make it! also - it turned out huge! colden graciously agreed to model it.
lavender bonnet
along with some other treasured baby hand-me-downs, the original bonnet i knitted for my friend was passed on to azalia. with room to grow.

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