Sunday, December 5, 2010

weekend catch-up!

thanks for sticking with me despite my week-long absence! i was completely consumed by preparations for the winter faire all week! (and for that little baby on-the-way too!)
more gnomes
the faire had me smiling all day long. it was so wonderful to be in the presence of such amazing people and glorious art! i happily bid all my bearded gnomes adieu! (which means i will need to make a few more for my boy!) i will update my etsy with a few items, but i imagine i will be closing up shop pretty soon...
baby blue set
i've unpacked and hand washed all of colden's woolies; hand knits, sweater pant longies, and diaper covers! i am excited to add these long-ago knits to my ravelry page too. all are lanolin-ized and ready to go. wool on its own is naturally anti-bacterial and can absorb a ton of wetness without feeling wet. soaking with lanolin gives an added layer of warmth and dampness protection. plus, it creates a natural soap when leaks occur, so it doesn't need to be laundered after every time it's worn. perfect for babes.
half of these recycled longies are newly sewn, and the other half were worn by colden as a wee little one. they will look much better on a babe than in the bathwater, so you'll be able to see them in all their splendor then too! i've also been meaning to share a new belly picture. this morning i scrambled around for something to wear to a wedding this afternoon... who knew i'd still be able to fit into that prom dress?
37.5 week belly in prom dress
if you haven't already done so, be sure to check out the winter edition of rhythm of the home (here's my piece!)! they are also hosting an incredible giveaway on their blog which ends today! i am giving away one of my woolly mistletoe there, and tomorrow, i will share a special giveaway here!

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