Thursday, December 16, 2010


in my craft showing, i finally got it together and put all my tools in this handy basket. i'd had them scattered around the house according to project type: sewing things together, knitting/crochet things together, and then the inevitable - scissors in every high up and forgettable spot all over. the handy bandanna tie allows me to leave it on the floor safe from little hands too.
top tray
i tidied up this top tray before taking a picture. in working, it sort of becomes a jumble. but, at least it is all together where i need it! and it sure does look pretty now. i tagged it all up in flickr if you're curious about the details of what's here.
i did not make this underbelly area look pretty for a photo, but usually i would try to have it organized with pieces of felt, yarn, recycled wool stuffing, and other projects-in-progress. then i'd add in anything else i might need: pens, hole puncher, extra paper for signs, etc. it has really helped my tendency to craft all over the place! and it gives the illusion that i am organized. do you have any tricks to keep it together?

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