Friday, December 17, 2010

more merry-making

i still have lots of things on my to-do lists, but i recognize that the baby could come whenever it so chooses. this means i have to be okay with letting the lists slide. packages are either mailed, wrapped, or left to the fates as to whether or not they will be finished. i have been able to eek out a few more things though...
unfelted elf slippers
these have now been through the wash once - a few more times, and then i am hoping to sew a little leather on the bottoms.
and this came together overnight! i have some better shots of colden modeling it, but isn't this photo festive? on the list for this weekend: a 'practice' filling of the birth tub, and maybe some last belly pictures? i am really hoping the baby will be born on the solstice (yet i am trying to remain open to the mystery). all *positive* wishes and thoughts welcomed and appreciated!

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