Thursday, November 18, 2010

zippers and woolly worms

zipper bag
after i asked about wool sources in portland, i got a lovely e-mail suggesting i check out the mill end store annex. they didn't have any wool, but they are located very close to the pendleton woolen mill store. now this, this was literally a kid in a candy store scenario. they had a huge rolling bin full of zippers for $1/bag! colden played in the bin and helped me pick out some good ones.
like, a hundred good ones. i inquired about wool for stuffing and they brought out some tufted, cloud-like, gorgeous wool for $3/oz. (yipes!). i balked at the price, and was led to their favorite stuffing material: woolly worms. 50 cents/lb. i bought almost 5 pounds.
woolly worms
colden didn't play in that bin, but i did! as you may have guessed from seeing my last post, these woolly worms were not destined for stuffing. something took hold of me, and i had to crochet them immediately. and now we have the perfect rug for in front of the sink! so, i guess i have to go back to the pendleton store for more! oh, twist my arm!

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