Friday, November 5, 2010

currently sewing

sewing - an otter and trees
i've been sewing this week - here's a peek: trees and an otter.
here's a closer look at a couple finished trees. i blanket-stitched the bottoms on, after stuffing them with wool scrap. i think these would be adorable perched on little 'trunk' building blocks to create a forest playscape.
i've promised to make colden a stuffed friend, and he has requested a fox. i'm still working on that one. but i got the sudden inspiration for an otter.
otter with parts
here you can see his legs a bit better. now i just need to find a good source for cheap wool or cotton stuffing. any ideas?

p.s. some pages changes for those of you on readers: i added a list of links i've recently starred in my google reader in the sidebar. and i've added some bird ornaments to my etsy shop, also seen on the sidebar.

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