Wednesday, October 20, 2010

hiking hats

marc's crocheted cap
we took to the trails this past weekend, and hiked to falls creek falls with family... providing a great opportunity to document some quick crocheted caps i've made! in the migrating hat tradition; this one was for me, but has adopted marc.
orcas crocheted cap
and this one was for marc! he requested a cozy fireside cap while we were on orcas island this summer. there just so happened to be a yarn store...and this bulky wool... sooo, after an afternoon's hooking- voila! (the hat also just so happened to prefer my head.)
belly hike
i do love seeing belly photos, so here's mine - 31 weeks! and i am especially proud that i hiked (1.7 m and back) with that 30 lb. boy on my back. surely, just as impressive as the waterfall, yes?

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