Wednesday, October 27, 2010

books to welcome baby

baby books
a work-in-progress for the babe within - this sweater (seen here). we checked out some children's books from the midwives today. these were my favorites, especially the top one: we have a baby. it is very simple and positive, and colden loves it. i've been waiting for hello baby (also known as welcome with love) from the library for months now, ever since i saw it recommended by another mama for its home birth story. all the places to love is just so so so beautiful - both the pictures and the story. it brought tears to my eyes. runa's birth and our water baby are also about home births and give some great details about process and how things happen. i thought some other expectant mamas might appreciate these, and i couldn't resist joining works-in-progress wednesday in light of ginny's post today.

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