Wednesday, October 27, 2010

books to welcome baby

baby books
a work-in-progress for the babe within - this sweater (seen here). we checked out some children's books from the midwives today. these were my favorites, especially the top one: we have a baby. it is very simple and positive, and colden loves it. i've been waiting for hello baby (also known as welcome with love) from the library for months now, ever since i saw it recommended by another mama for its home birth story. all the places to love is just so so so beautiful - both the pictures and the story. it brought tears to my eyes. runa's birth and our water baby are also about home births and give some great details about process and how things happen. i thought some other expectant mamas might appreciate these, and i couldn't resist joining works-in-progress wednesday in light of ginny's post today.

Monday, October 25, 2010

wee wallaby

nearly done
i had lots of knitting time in our recent travels, and i've proudly finished this wee wallaby! i tried it on colden a few times in the making, and ended up adding an inch on the body and the hood to stretch it a bit. it's quite snug!
wee wallaby
i already have yarn for the next size up, but i also haven't really knit a thing for the babe-to-be! and i am updating my shop for winter time craft fairs. i'll have some recycled wool ornaments in there by the end of the week if we can find a spot of sun for photographs. are you feeling the fullness of the season too?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

hiking hats

marc's crocheted cap
we took to the trails this past weekend, and hiked to falls creek falls with family... providing a great opportunity to document some quick crocheted caps i've made! in the migrating hat tradition; this one was for me, but has adopted marc.
orcas crocheted cap
and this one was for marc! he requested a cozy fireside cap while we were on orcas island this summer. there just so happened to be a yarn store...and this bulky wool... sooo, after an afternoon's hooking- voila! (the hat also just so happened to prefer my head.)
belly hike
i do love seeing belly photos, so here's mine - 31 weeks! and i am especially proud that i hiked (1.7 m and back) with that 30 lb. boy on my back. surely, just as impressive as the waterfall, yes?

Friday, October 15, 2010


pebbles and aviatrixx
home again! i got to give these baby gifts to my friend anne when we were in iowa. her twin boys were just born yesterday! fingers crossed for cuter photos - including babies!!! but plenty of understanding if that doesn't happen with two brand new little ones! i was so excited to see if i could get both the aviatrix hat (ravelry link) and the pebble vest (rav. again) out of one skein, i whipped through the darker one. then i procrastinated the completion of the second - and the sewing on of buttons for...well, months and months.
bitty booties
i had a little leftover yarn to spare and couldn't resist eeking out some petites chaussons mignons on our voyage. i barely had enough yarn to sew them up! they are so wee, i don't know if they will fit even tiny baby feet, but i figured they would make adorable christmas tree ornaments.
double baby pumpkin cuteness
i also intended to make an etsy-inspired double baby pumpkin sleepsack + hats (rav.), but anne's mom beat me to it! that means i will either put these up in my etsy shop, or in a shop around town. let me know if you're interested in one or both!

Monday, October 4, 2010


i wanted to share all about the *sleepover* i had this past weekend... there was applesauce, flowers, hours of watercolor painting, and time together to talk at length. it was oh-so-lovely. my first night away since colden's arrival. but now we are off for some midwest sleepovers, to visit family and friends in iowa. til then!

Friday, October 1, 2010

this moment

apple picking
inspired by soulemama's this moment

p.s. photo (and applesauce) by marc