Thursday, September 30, 2010

woolly bear caterpillar friend - tutorial

oregon woolly bear
are you familiar with the woolly bear caterpillar? (aka isabella tiger moth) as a kid growing up in missouri, i remember seeing these little guys everywhere. i loved them (still do), and their fall colors are just perfect. i was absolutely thrilled to find one on our hike last weekend. (thank you for the birthday love!) there is a myth that they are little predictors of the coming winter. more orange than black means a mild one, and the other way around means harsh weather. i think i see more orange, how bout you?
piece of pipe cleaner
this morning, inspiration struck. i took a small length of pipe cleaner and curled the ends in (so they wouldn't be poke-y) - to do this really well, i'd recommend pliers.
felted sweater fuzzy yarn
then i cut some felted sweater into a fuzzy textured yarn. i've seen lots of people using felted sweater and turning it into yarn in this matter, but i haven't seen anyone texturing it like this. try it for knitting and crochet too!
tying it on
i actually planned on crocheting it on, but wrapping and tying worked better. i just made many loops and pulled the end through. i also tied the black to the orange to the black. (and then, after it had been played with for a while, i discovered the need for some sewn reinforcement. the 'textured' sweater 'yarn' has weak points that will break with love, so running some thread up and down the body close to the pipe cleaner helps hold it together and keep it safe.)
woolly bear caterpillar
here he is! a little bendy autumn friend. you could also buy wool to make this guy if you don't have the proper sweater colors on hand. enjoy! please let me know if you make one!

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