Wednesday, September 8, 2010

labor day -> more jamming

we took full advantage of sunny labor day and got out blackberry picking again. we wondered if there would still be berries, but boy, were there! (i'd even love to go again...)

photo by marc
colden's mini-basket was accidentally left on the way out the door. we made an impromptu one using his finger-knitted bracelet and a bowl i had found at the goodwill for his play kitchen.
i also managed to make a whole load of apricot jam when we purchased a case through our buying club. back in my college days i spent a summer abroad in france, and my french host mother made enough 'abricot' jam for the whole year. she even sent a jar home with me. i am nostalgic every time i eat apricot jam, and even more so making it. i used the vitamix to make the texture more homogeneous and measured batches as i mixed. eventually i couldn't fit any more in the pot, so i dehydrated the rest. dehydrating is fairly new to us too, but we also dehydrated blueberries and cherries this year.
avert your eyes if you think you might be receiving a gift from us for the holidays or any time in the near future. i have yet to make more rose petal jelly, but thanks to an online tip somewhere, i've been freezing the petals as they come to bloom.
i still have lots of empty jars. the forecast is up in the air for tomatoes around here, but i have hope.

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