Tuesday, September 21, 2010

equinox: balance

i saw meg's post this morning, and after reading that link to rhythm of the home, i knew it was time to dig up our potatoes. it's our first potato harvest - yukon golds and purples, so thrilling!

digging potatoes
i'll be updating my banner for equinox, but not quite yet. i loved reading sheryl's article above and thinking about what i might like to do to mark the 'season of letting go'. i love the ritual she describes. another bit i read on the equinox said now is a good time to note what is out of balance, and think about how to bring it into balance. i recently dug out this hourglass sweater i began long ago, but really i never had enough yarn for it anyway. i'm letting go. i would like to commit to making myself a sweater though. that is out of balance.
lola and hourglass
the yarn is already moving on. i splurged on a pattern i saw a while ago over at the purl bee (although i bought it from paradise fibers, shipping was so much less!) that's a step in the right direction, actually. i've been thinking about that pattern for months now, and i finally got it.
wallaby knitting
colden is connecting a circular knitting needle to the piano keys and into another wooden musical instrument. very innovative.

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