Friday, August 6, 2010

so many moments

we've had so many moments these past weeks. lots of fun with nana visiting from iowa, our first trip to the sandy river for some swimming, and a very special wedding that took us up to orcas island, wa. it was colden's first boat ride (and my first drive-on ferry boat ride too)! we had the great pleasure to witness the commitment and love of two amazingly fantastic people whom we have known since college. one of whom attended colden's birth as our doula (and washed all of our towels after). she also chose to use vintage napkins for the table settings, and i embroidered some for the occasion - almost right up to the very event itself! i could go on and on about all the diy elements that crafted this fantastic celebration. the homemade soap that greeted us at our cabin door, the thrifted vintage pie plates, the camp-kitchen-collaboration pie for the reception, the rainbow-watercolored tags painted by friends that fluttered from the woven stick arch in front of the lake for the ceremony.... ahhh! too good to be true, really.
and not only were we reveling in the good company of great people, and a spectacular location... we also ate pie. our friends were looking out for us, and there were a ton of gluten-free, dairy-free menu options including a set aside dessert pie. we were also camping, and all of us were so tired from playing; we had no issue with sleeping! i think we would move right back in to camp, if we could. like most outstandingly phenomenal events, this one is barely touched on by my enthusiastic adjectives. luckily, there were lots of amazing photographer-friends there, so we can all relive the abundant happiness and love we shared. congratulations, janna and dan!

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