Saturday, August 28, 2010

garage sale season

besides our garden, another reason i've been lamenting summer's end has been my failure to attend any estate sales or garage sales. i think i may have made up for it today! some of these fabrics were actually free! and the rest of the lot was ridiculously cheap. colden is especially thrilled with the nesting lidded baskets, and the hand-carved wooden spoons (which we're thinking of mounting in his play kitchen). he would also like to play with the gnome and the pitcher, but i want to be sure to test them both for lead paint. it's just better to be safe on that one. i also like to wave around a little sage incense before welcoming used things into our homes. the fabrics of course, also get washed and out in the sunshine to dry. have you been sale-ing this summer? do you perform any sage-ing or paint-testing or sun-purification with your thrifted treasures?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

another 'un-toy': play ropes

in the waldorf nursery (aka preschool, 3-5 year olds) where i worked, we had several "play ropes". they were simple long knitted lengths that we kept coiled up in a basket for imaginative play. sometimes the children would ask us to make them a 'knight', by crossing the rope across their chest and then around the waist.
alternatively: a tail! a dog tail, a kitty tail, a tiger tail - any type of tail, really! my rope here needed to be doubled to prevent tail-trippage.
colden's favorite: a leash. he pretends to be a kitty and wants to be taken for a walk. this really confuses the dogs.
note: no matter how much they beg, do not tie the play rope to your dog.

to make: i used my extra short needles (seen here) to cast one on. i did 6 or 7 stitches on a size 8 or so. then i kept it in my purse - that way i was never without a knitting project (nor did i need a pattern)! play ropes are also great for making play silk scenes, where they can be used as roads, rivers, or trails. you may want to make one in blue or green for these purposes. the clean up task of coiling the rope is also a really great skill for little ones!
another note: i intend to primarily high light the brightness of our days, but i must confess... lately i haven't found much joy in photography (what with the broken camera). luckily, i found these photos about our play ropes (from june!) to share with you.

Monday, August 16, 2010

now laying...

look! our very first egg! the white chicken has graced us with our very first homegrown egg. we thought it might be another month or two, but we're ever so pleased to have eggs laid in our own backyard already! yum!
and this morning, just look! a double yolk! those other eggs are store-bought 'organic' brown eggs. i can't help but complain about picture quality here, because the color is so wonky you can't really see how dark the yolks are compared to the others. and don't worry, the whites are actually white (as is the shell in the first photo), but all the color-correction in the world wouldn't whiten them. you'll have to take my word for it. we had received an egg every day up until yesterday, then boom - a double yolk the next day. we've taken to calling them 'magic' eggs. it is very thrilling indeed.

edited to add (monday morning): huzzah! the other hen is a-laying now too! a brown egg this morning!

p.s. both photos by marc.

Friday, August 13, 2010

this moment

omiza river (click here to listen)
inspired by soulemama's this moment

p.s. photo by marc

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

more berries and beaches

we enjoyed an extra long weekend, and even got out to go berry picking. instead of blueberries again (which i'm hoping i still have time for!), we decided to venture out to the sandy river nature area, and gather blackberries along the way. we had been before to seek some off-leash trail romping for the dogs, and this time we made it all the way to the beach. it was such clear, beautiful water - with dogs frolicking everywhere. although we weren't exactly prepared for a swim, there was no stopping colden.
the water was chilly, so he was in and out a lot! it runs straight down from mt. hood. this area was even more beautiful than the last we visited. after we got home, marc and i were able to make jam together, which was a real treat. (he did the pectin math too!) and we ended up with 13 1/2 jars. i am eager to fill more - everything seems a bit behind this summer due to the unusual weather. have you been preserving? any recipes to share?

p.s. our regular camera refuses to work (too much sand we think), and our 'back-up' does not take the best pictures. you'll have to forgive any sub-par photography and/or lack of posts until i figure out a solution. we are thinking of selling our 35mm cameras (i think we have four!) and lenses in hopes that we could afford a digital slr. but it might be a while.

Friday, August 6, 2010

so many moments

we've had so many moments these past weeks. lots of fun with nana visiting from iowa, our first trip to the sandy river for some swimming, and a very special wedding that took us up to orcas island, wa. it was colden's first boat ride (and my first drive-on ferry boat ride too)! we had the great pleasure to witness the commitment and love of two amazingly fantastic people whom we have known since college. one of whom attended colden's birth as our doula (and washed all of our towels after). she also chose to use vintage napkins for the table settings, and i embroidered some for the occasion - almost right up to the very event itself! i could go on and on about all the diy elements that crafted this fantastic celebration. the homemade soap that greeted us at our cabin door, the thrifted vintage pie plates, the camp-kitchen-collaboration pie for the reception, the rainbow-watercolored tags painted by friends that fluttered from the woven stick arch in front of the lake for the ceremony.... ahhh! too good to be true, really.
and not only were we reveling in the good company of great people, and a spectacular location... we also ate pie. our friends were looking out for us, and there were a ton of gluten-free, dairy-free menu options including a set aside dessert pie. we were also camping, and all of us were so tired from playing; we had no issue with sleeping! i think we would move right back in to camp, if we could. like most outstandingly phenomenal events, this one is barely touched on by my enthusiastic adjectives. luckily, there were lots of amazing photographer-friends there, so we can all relive the abundant happiness and love we shared. congratulations, janna and dan!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it's a boy!

i am not talking about the sex of our unborn child - that remains a mystery. we have, however, had to say goodbye to one of our chickens. when we got them, colden and i were reading the 'harry the dirty dog' books. so naturally, i wanted to name the chicken that was white with black spots: 'harry'. i knew that couldn't be a good idea.

among the three, the white one was queen of the henhouse at first, and the most anxious and squawk-i-est too. i was so happy when 'harry' started pushing her around. he was always gentle. and i liked him best. unlike the other two, who had light amber-colored eyes, he had these deep, dark soulful eyes. he was waking us and the neighbors with his cock-a-doodle-doings. marc drove him out to the chicken store, where they paid us five dollars for him. the hens cried that day.

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