Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it's a boy!

i am not talking about the sex of our unborn child - that remains a mystery. we have, however, had to say goodbye to one of our chickens. when we got them, colden and i were reading the 'harry the dirty dog' books. so naturally, i wanted to name the chicken that was white with black spots: 'harry'. i knew that couldn't be a good idea.

among the three, the white one was queen of the henhouse at first, and the most anxious and squawk-i-est too. i was so happy when 'harry' started pushing her around. he was always gentle. and i liked him best. unlike the other two, who had light amber-colored eyes, he had these deep, dark soulful eyes. he was waking us and the neighbors with his cock-a-doodle-doings. marc drove him out to the chicken store, where they paid us five dollars for him. the hens cried that day.

p.s. if you haven't yet, please vote for me in hip mountain mama's anniversary contest. you can even vote three times! i'm #24!

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