Tuesday, June 15, 2010

treasures from the beach

we soaked up some serious sunshine at the beach. i always forget how incredibly chilly it can be on the oregon coast - even in summer. we needed sweaters to walk along the windy shore, but could sunbathe in the protection of the sand dunes. in this picture, colden is playing with one of the treasures i found - an ocean-tumbled stone.
we headed home early sunday. not because we didn't want more beach time, just more sleep. i think during the third middle of the night crying-screaming-wake-up i swore we would never go camping again (we will, i know). we might go for day trips for a bit though. anyone else have this challenge? it started raining just as we left, but we did promise one more trip to the beach. so we stopped at cannon beach on the way home and made it out to the haystack at low tide.
here are some more of my treasures. i wrote letters on them with chalk this morning to spell out a word across my countertop. i know i saw someone somewhere mention painting stones with blackboard paint for this purpose, but they take chalk easily without the paint too. i also thought they would be a sweet gift for someone who loves to skip stones since they are all so smooth and flat. maybe in a little pouch labeled 'wishes'? hope you had a lovely weekend, all!

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