Friday, June 18, 2010

one small change - june

i am a bit behind in implementing my june 'one small change', and i even neglected to mention what we did for may (an easy one: switched to biodegradable, made from non-gmo corn, trash bags). mostly though, i am just excited that i have been keeping the kitchen sink all clean and pretty. but, i have been wanting to kick our sponge habit for awhile now. i crocheted some dish cloths, but they didn't cut it. when i saw angelina mention this knitted hemp twine sponge, i knew i had to give it a shot!
lovely and functional! it is actually becoming more and more of a joy to wash the dishes. i might just use maureen's window star tutorial to fill those big bright windows and bring in even more color and beauty to the task. then my dish washing will really shine! are you still thinking about 'one small change'? next up on our list is making our own deodorant and toothpaste.

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