Tuesday, June 8, 2010

craft hope - oil spill + giveaway

if you haven't heard about the latest craft hope project, please pop over and take a look. in response to the devastating, continuing news, they are gathering towels and rags to help environmental efforts to save wildlife. the above link shows a picture of sea turtles on top of a bunch of towels soaking up oil, so you can see one way they will be used. the link in my sidebar takes you to the project as well.
repurposing material is encouraged, and i've been going through our piles and cutting away. cotton cloth is best, but you can use terry, knit, or any type i think. crocheted and knit pieces are welcome too! i read somewhere in their comments that the best sizes would be 10" x 10" or 14" x 27", and sets of 10-20 are preferred. they also say that the cloths will be used only a few times at most and then thrown away, so no need to be fancy. if you really want to go all out, take a look at lisa's post on visualizing a solution too. let me know if you're participating (in craft hope or visualizing or both!) by commenting here before friday. i'll send one commenter a recycled wool jingle sea star (a great baby rattle!). i'll also put a couple in the shop too if you happen to love it and don't win. thanks for doing what you can, friends!

p.s. valarie - sea star coming your way! i'll contact you next week for your address!

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