Tuesday, May 18, 2010

papa's birthday

it was marc's birthday on tuesday. he was born the day mt. st. helen's erupted - within the hour. this past weekend his childhood best friend surprised him with a visit. he showed up at the opening of marc's show on friday night, and stayed for the weekend. he was content to garden with us and cook (in the periods of time where marc wasn't doing the show). we think they are 6 years old in this picture.

marc took tuesday off work and we worked outside most of the day - he even worked through bits of rain. we decided to add some boxes to our garden for summer squash and cucumbers. this will help keep the dogs from trampling them. marc got the wood from the rebuilding center.

i dug a firepit and edged it with rocks and moss. yesterday morning there was a magical ring of shiny slug trails around it. marc got the rocks and dirt to fill the boxes out in hillsboro.

we're having folks over for a picnicky gathering to celebrate marc on sunday afternoon. saturday there is a street fair in our neighborhood. envision good weather for us this weekend! we're hoping to be outside!

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