Monday, May 10, 2010

kids sewing week... days one + two

this was just the motivation i needed to finally get some pants sewn up for colden. in fact, i even took my nap time hours monday to the sewing room and got to cutting. a thrifted cotton tie dye sheet yielded four pairs. i used the oliver + s bedtime story pajama bottoms, without the cuff binding since i used a hemmed edge for the bottom. lo and behold, when needle came to fabric, it began sewing backwards. i thought all was lost. i even considered having a go at it with the serger. (i took a serger class last week at modern domestic, so i guess i was feeling bold.) or maybe borrowing a friend's machine? when i got a different set of eyes (papa's) on the machine tuesday morning, however, it was a simple fix. little hands had set the stitch length to 'zero'. boy, did i feel a mixture of relief and, well, silliness.

here is one thing i like to tell myself that you too may tell yourself if you are sometimes a bit backwards in your sewing. in my waldorf teacher training, i was told that children often write their letters backwards for a time because they are just so close to the spiritual world. everything is backwards there from how it is in earthly life. and so i assume it must be with me. i am just so close to the spiritual world that i sewed the waistband in backwards, ironed it backwards, and probably, the backwards sewing is due to this too.

it needs hemming (as do all of them), but i figure that means we might get extended wear out of them too! it is totally fun to see how the tie dye does or doesn't match up from pair to pair. after i sew the fourth pair, and get elastic in all of them, and hem them, i will show them all off in their tie dye glory. and maybe sew something else before week's end? are you participating in the challenge? any sewing that's been on your to-do list forever?

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