Saturday, May 8, 2010


i used some of my generous birthday gift card at knit purl this week. so thrilled that they had a few extra large (and gorgeous!) crochet hooks by local woodworker; jenkins! they will be perfect for making recycled nests and hedgehogs and other creations to come! i also picked up some 'grand canyon' merino top by chasing rainbow dyeworks. i'm excited to do a bit of spinning on my drop spindle!

i also bought some luxuriously soft sublime extra fine merino to get to work on alicia's anneke dress (paired with a rusty cascade 220). i'm testing the six month size, and i am having such fun working on it!

and i've been hooking this tam for a friend. i have a thing about gauge. as in, my spatial abilities are sometimes wonky. so i may see how this felts when all is said and done. i am really grooving on crochet these days. i'm mostly a knitter, but i'm finding crochet very satisfying! i usually prefer knitting because it is more intuitive to me since i've done it longer, but i find crochet quicker. and i love that you can design-as-you-go too. do you knit and crochet? have a preference?

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