Saturday, May 1, 2010

happy may day!

this morning i braided my hair with flowers to celebrate.

we went to the forest (park) and harvested horsetail...

...and stinging nettles. (both in disturbed area, not the park, worry not!)

colden scattered cornmeal in thanks, from the safety of my back. in my packing, i neglected to actually put the sack of gloves in the car. it did make for a very mindful harvest. and when i say i wouldn't do it again... well, i probably will, you know. but, i didn't even get stung!

then we picnicked and hiked to the stone house - a relic of the works progress administration. oh, the wpa! such beauty you've brought us here in oregon! and this was all before nap time. we spent the afternoon doing more chicken coop building and gardening, and have more to do tomorrow. what a lovely day!

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