Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a bit of mending

it took me a while to mend marc's shirt. it's quite a tear, and frankly, i didn't know what to do. inspiration came through lisa's make a plan for your dreams course.

she said, put it out there - wear your heart on your sleeve. oh yeah! of course! and wouldn't you know it - the tear is even heart-shaped. so, after hand sewing a little backstitch around the edges, i cut a wool felt heart to size.

a little blanket stitch, and there is your mended metaphor, ready-to-wear.

our big dream? well, in many ways, we are already living it. but we actually shared it when we got married. we told our friends and family that our big dream was to own land on which to grow herbs and children. and our dream still tugs our heartstrings. but right now we're ever-so-grateful for our own (rented) backyard gardens. for more dreamworthy musings, check out rachel's post here. i felt little twinges of delight just reading!

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