Monday, April 12, 2010

vintage swap show and tell

many, many thanks to melissa, of in our eyes, who braved 'morning' sickness to post these to me all the way from australia for the past vintage swap. the lace is enchanting! and happily, melissa is feeling much better!

just look at these sweet little crocheted dollies! a friend suggested i sew a little pocketed bed for them. wouldn't that be lovely? oo! i'm already drawing up plans!

oh, and there's more! the mail order patterns are even more exciting with overseas postmarks, and you can't even really see the lovely embroidered linen upon which it all rests! would you believe that the kahlil gibran book is published by hallmark circa 1974? the illustrations are beautiful, and of course, the words are too.

here's a peek of what i sent melissa. and tons of thanks to heather for hosting. i've connected to so many wonderful people (and their blogs) through the vintage swap. (in fact, i think i may be missing out on some because naptime is only so long, and my brain can only process so much!) vintage love to all!

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