Wednesday, April 14, 2010

reclaimed wood

today colden helped me build a small fence for a little garden bed. we used the wood from his old high chair, which was truly falling apart. i hated the idea of it going to the curb, and a heavy mallet aided me in turning the spokes into fence posts.

when we got the high chair, we checked thoroughly for any original paint that might contain lead, and papa painted it with voc-free paint. we were very proud to have thrifted and upgraded a non-plastic high chair (though it probably was a little bit more difficult to clean)!

in another reclaimed wood adventure, papa made garden boxes from an old deck. it seemed like there was no sealant or any other nastiness remaining. our landlady, however, was kind enough to share that the pressure-treated wood carried risks as well. over time, this wood will leech arsenic into the soil next to it. so, our beds were dismantled, and we're currently using the cold frame on the patio for some starts. (you'll notice that we have not gone plastic-free there yet either.) eventually, i imagine, that wood will be headed to the dump. we love recycling and reclaiming, and buying new wood is a mixed bag. there are places in town where we can purchase environmentally-friendly options; like non-treated pine that is not cut from old growth trees. it costs more, naturally. but we're not messing around with lead paint or arsenic risks.

i love this clothesline shot. for me it represents the political action inherent in laundry-hanging, and the consciousness we carry into our everyday action. i am happy to report that we've been getting outside everyday, and this has been the most fun and successful change we have made so far. (and also, i can't resist the play on words. get it? agitator?)

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