Thursday, April 29, 2010

outdoor & green smoothie challenge love

yesterday when colden woke up from his nap, i asked him what we should have to eat and he said, "green smoothie!" yes! we've been participating in the challenge, hosted by suzanne, and have not missed a smoothie day! we're lucky to have a vita-mix, which makes these a really lovely consistency. our go-to smoothie base = frozen banana, spinach, and enough water (or tea) to make it turn. i haven't been drinking the quantity challenged, nor a very wide range, but i'm pleased to be getting fresh greens daily! in more adventurous times i was making smoothies from celery, cucumber, lemon, parsley, and ice. no joke! by the way, parsley combines really well with mango. seriously! i plan on stocking our freezer more fully to take advantage of the full range of possibilities for these throughout the summer. and making green smoothie ice pops. they were a hit last year!

we haven't missed a day outside yet for lisa's outdoor challenge either! i always joke that the weather forecast in portland always predicts the percentage of the day it will rain. so, a chance of precipitation of 30%, means it will be rainy about 30% of the day. this gives us ample time to catch some dry outside time. the past two days have been crazy though, with hail and even thunder! normally we never get thunder, so it's kind of a treat to me. perhaps that's my midwest showing. ahem.

i'm glad we're keeping up with these worthy endeavors, though i think we'll do better with nicer weather. more inclination for raw foods and time outside! are you facing the same challenges? what's working for you?

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