Tuesday, April 27, 2010

indigo hat

happy birthday mom! i finally finished the hat (requested in the comments here)! i used some of my stash of organic pachuko cotton, ordered from elann long ago. i even knitted and measured a swatch before i started this time! mom, i hope it fits and i hope you like it!

the tricky part was getting my indigo fermentation pot going, and marc helped out a lot with this part too. the first time we had the pot in a tupperware storage container with some christmas lights and foil for heat, but it never really got going. i also insisted on using rice bran instead of wheat bran, which we thought might be the problem. we abandoned it for awhile, and then placed the container over a heating vent. it worked! i think it got too hot the first time, even though we measured the temperature. the hat was dipped and rinsed three (or four?) times, and the color is gorgeous! i'm so excited to try more indigo dying experiments. some playsilks perhaps? dying the yarn before knitting it up? heather posted more on dying with natural dyes. this could be addictive!

oh. p.s., mom. i guess the blue can rub off. it didn't on my hair! but, it could. i love you!

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