Thursday, April 22, 2010

gifts of the earth - flowers

our yard is overrun with these flowers. i don't know what they are. i'd almost call them invasive, but they are quite pretty and they have a lovely scent. the other day i saw a teenage-ish girl walking slowly down the sidewalk, tenderly collecting a flower or two from yards she passed. i could so relate. when i read little house on the prairie as a child, i always wondered - where are those girls finding all those wildflowers?

inspired by kate, we gathered some up and took them to the bus stop. i imagined they'd brighten someone's day. or many someones! and it was an excellent opportunity to practice my harvesting skills too. my friend melanie's words stuck with me: when you ask permission of the plant, you can feel it give itself over to you, just before you pick it. maybe it sounds woo woo to you, but it makes a difference to me. the rushed flowers' stems sternly broke halfway. the others lifted easily into my hand. i love how kyce wrote her post on harvesting medicine. and elizabeth is on the same wavelength.

we were thrilled to find our jar emptier than we'd left it. and although i would have loved to see it fully empty, i think this says something about the sweet people who passed by. no one would take all the flowers without leaving some for another... but i may try a 'free' sign later on and see how fast they go. and i might start asking the neighbors after their lilacs...

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