Wednesday, April 21, 2010

earth day + treasure mapping

one small change has been such a delight. i'm so grateful we took the challenge! i don't ever expect to stop! having a goal every month, and a community of support has been a big motivator. i'm thankful that suzy and her family organized and empowered so many. (if you are among them, don't forget to post your earth day wrap-up here. one of my recycled hedgehogs is among the sponsor prizes!)

marc and i worked on a treasure map the other evening (inspired by erin!). i started to use magazine clippings, but none of them were right, and i'm so pleased with the drawing. i'm usually not a draw-er. just sharing a peek - i confess, i kept wanting to squeeze in more! this year we're especially excited to continue our food journey; growing, canning and living more sustainably. my heart has been singing over this article in our local paper (mamas at home, it's a must-read!). i'm looking forward to reading the book too: radical homemakers.

in the spirit of earth day, if you have a few moments to spare, please sign these petitions:

from environmental working group (by way of susan - thanks!): ask congress to take action to make chemicals in consumer products kid-safe! sign here.

from food democracy now: labeling laws may prevent gmo foods from being labeled as such worldwide, sign here to voice your concern. we have the right to know what is in our food! see here for just one study on the risks of gmo foods.

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