Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tutorial - waldorf-inspired sock doll - 2. finishing head

busy exciting fun weekend! now a bit under the weather. so on with the doll:

1. to finish the head, first take a look and decide where the face belongs. you will tie a string around the center of the head for the eye line, and you will want to put the knot at the back of your doll's head. tie very tightly, even have a helping hand hold your knot, and clip the ends of the string when you are done. i know it seems like the eye line ought to go higher, but it goes right in the middle, really! for the larger doll i made, i used the double head tying technique shown in this tutorial.

2. cover the head with yet another sock - this layer will be the final face for your doll, so you can also substitute another material here. (see the tutorial here for making a similar star baby, with instructions for sewing on 'skin' fabric.)

3. to secure this final layer, slide your string tightly from the top down, and smooth out as many of the neck wrinkles as possible. you can gather them toward the back even. i doubled this string around the neck and tied very tightly. also clipped.

if you're raring to go, cut up a lot of other socks for stuffing! for the arms and legs i used two socks of the same color as the final face sock, so gather yours up for the body too!

any questions? i have a work-on-hiatus to show this week, and i hope to share about the fabulous i heart art and etsy workshop i attended on saturday at the museum of contemporary craft, led by ryan of littleputbooks.

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