Friday, March 26, 2010

tutorial - waldorf-inspired sock doll - 4. body + legs

here's the links past for this multi-post tutorial on waldorf-inspired sock dolls:

make your own, from materials you already have! this is a great way to repurpose holy socks with no other use and create a friend for your child, or another!

for the legs and body, you'll cut up another sock in the same manner you did for the arms (if you haven't already).

1. turn cuff inside out, and place the foot inside, so that the right sides of both pieces are facing each other.

2. sew together, again using a knit stitch.

this is how it looks now, right side out - the cuff will be the body (you will be able to shorten it if you need), and the foot will become legs the same way the arms did.

3. see arms. measure down the middle and sew a knit stitch up on either side of this line. you may want to shorten the legs (if you are doing a small doll), or simply round or otherwise shape the feet.

there you have it. i'll be showing how i sewed my sock doll together next. i was thinking of doing a video of the stitching, but i bet some great ones already exist. does anyone know of any particularly good hand stitching videos?

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